Hi! My name is Tami and I am building this site to document my efforts to build a tiny house in the Ozarks.  I expect this to take quite some time. I am currently in the 'thinking about it' (almost Sept 2014).

The reasons I want to do this include:

1. Financial Freedom & Retirement.

2. To take charge of my life and health, and that of those I love.

3. To be able to give selflessly to others.

4. To achieve a new way of thinking that puts time with family and friends over personal possessions.

5. Inexpensive maintenance and lifestyle.

6. Wouldn't it be awesome to build something to live in?

If you have found my blog, please visit my blog onetinyhouse.wordpress.com and let me know who you are, if you have a tiny house or not, and anything you want to share about your experiences.